About So Sure

So Sure Reusable Sanitary pads are the leading brand of cloth, washable sanitary pads.

Made from high performance textiles, So Sure pads are highly absorptive, quick drying and stain free – providing superior feminine hygiene protection and comfort.

So Sure pads can be used effectively for 12+ months due to the cloth, washable design; making it a durable, cost-saving alternative.

UNBS Quality Certified

So Sure pads are the first product to receive Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) Q-Mark certification under the newly developed UNBS Standard (US 1782: 2017) for reusable sanitary pads.  So Sure played a critical role in the development of the standard alongside UNBS and other key stakeholders in Uganda. As one of only two standards in Africa for reusable sanitary pads, this UNBS standard is a testament of So Sure’s commitment to manufacturing high quality and safe reusable sanitary pads for Ugandan consumers.